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Ways to Self-Pamper Yourself with a Homemade Sugar Scrub

Looking for a simple way to pamper yourself on a daily basis? Winter is here and for many people, that means dry skin. Why not heal your dry skin and pamper yourself at the same time? Of all the ways to self-pamper yourself, this is one of the best because it is quick, simple, and effective. Here is a simple homemade sugar scrub recipe that smells great and works wonders on that dry, cracking skin.


  • 1-2 Cups Sugar
  • ¼ Cup Coconut Oil
  • Lemon Zest
  • Lemon Juice – Squeezed from half a lemon
  • 2-4 Drops Lemon Essential oil


Use a small microwave safe bowl to melt your coconut oil to a liquid state. This does not take very long, usually 30 seconds to a minute. Now mix in your lemon zest, juice, and oil. Then mix in your sugar. You can add more or less sugar depending on how coarse you want your scrub.

Now you have a great smelling sugar scrub that you can use every day! Here are some common uses for a sugar scrub:

  • Elbows and Knees (while in the shower) – these areas tend to get drier and cracked during the winter months, and even during the summer.
  • Hands – You can use the sugar scrub on your hands regularly by keeping it near the bathroom sink. Every morning, simply scrub your hands with the sugar scrub then wash it away as you wash your hands.
  • Feet – If you enjoy getting, or giving yourself, pedicures than you will enjoy using the sugar scrub on your feet. Rub the scrub into your feet, ankles, and calves for a nice foot massage too.

If you would like to learn more about self-pampering or spa services, please contact us today.

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