Welcome to Serene Dental Spa, where your dental health and body get the most rejuvenating care. Our practice philosophy is entrenched in a sincere commitment to promoting quality dental health. We emphasize providing comprehensive treatment and preventing dental diseases.

At Serene Dental Spa, we pride ourselves on offering dental care with a unique pedigree. Our dentists in Weddington, Dr. Andrew Tran and Dr. Zulieka Javed believe in establishing a long-term relationship with our patients. This allows us to know your specific dental needs and curate a customized treatment plan that will help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for life.

Experience Dentistry With A Difference From Our Trusted Dentist in Weddington

Dentistry with a difference is the experience that awaits you when you visit our dental care. Our dental patients have come to know and appreciate the uniqueness of our treatments. To achieve our goal of improving your all-round health, we offer services that extend beyond providing dental treatments in Weddington. Our services are packed, so your treatment is customized to suit your overall health and social wellness.

Dr. Tran and Dr. Javed, our dentists in Weddington, Waverly, and Wesley Chapel, provide a full range of spa and dentistry care. We also offer restorative, orthodontic, preventive, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry procedures to enhance dental health. 

We encourage you to visit our dental clinic today if you require any of these procedures.

Meet the Best Dentist in Wesley Chapel

Our dentists in Wesley Chapel are poised with the dexterity to ensure you enjoy the best dental care possible. Our dental team comprises highly trained professionals who treat and support you on every step toward your desired oral health goals. Dr. Tran and Dr. Javed can help you achieve optimal oral health and give you the perfect smile makeover.

We offer excellent services and utilize the latest and most reliable dental equipment, technology, and materials to diagnose and treat your specific dental needs perfectly. At Serene Dental Spa, you can rest comfortably knowing that your treatment is in the hands of an experienced dentist. If you’re looking for the best dentists in Wesley Chapel, visit us today for the needed treatment. 

A Leading Dentist in Waverly You Can Count On

As a leading dental practice, we aim to employ a unique and different approach to patient care that builds a lasting and trustworthy relationship. Hence, if you’re looking for an exceptional dentist in Waverly, look no further than Serene Dental Spa. Our dedicated dentist is committed to offering comprehensive dental care in a warm, tranquil environment that transforms our patients into families.

Located near Waverly, we are ready to attend to all your dental needs, from routine dental checkups and teeth straightening to stress-relieving treatments. If you are searching for a dentist in Waverly, we encourage you to visit our dental practice for an all-around dental treatment. 

Get Straight Teeth With Invisalign in Weddington, Near Wesley Chapel and Waverly, NC

Our Invisalign treatment in Weddington is designed to improve the appearance of your bite by correcting abnormalities in your teeth’ alignment. If you have a gap tooth, crooked teeth, or various kinds of malocclusions, such as overbite, underbite, or crowded teeth, we have the cure for you.

Our dentists in Weddington, near Wesley Chapel, and Waverly, Dr. Tran and Dr. Javed use Invisalign to guide your teeth to their perfect positions. Schedule an appointment today and let our professional dentists improve your smile with the best dental treatments. 

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