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UMCWhether it was getting back into shape, toning up, or simply being healthier, we had all been wanting to do it for some time. It seemed like we always had an excuse as to why we weren’t eating right or why we weren’t taking some time to exercise. So we thought enough was enough and put our plans to action. As of December 11th, the staff here at Serene Dental Spa, along with some friends, decided to have a little friendly competition. We are competing to see who will have the best overall transformation in three areas: best for females, best for males, and best overall.


We named it UMC, or Ultimate Muscle Challenge!!


We’re not focusing solely on weight, we’re taking muscle mass, height, and age into consideration; basically BMI. What’s the prize, you ask? We each put in $50 so the winner in their respective gender class will win $30 but the overall winner gets $340 (and of course the satisfaction of a job well done after so much hard work and discipline)!! We had our first weigh-in on December 11th and the winner will be determined on March 12th when we have our final weigh-in.
Keep up with us on Facebook and our blog to see our progress and friendly rivalries!!

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