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The benefits of getting a massage in Matthews, NC

You may think of a massage as a luxury treat, but there are actually many surprising health benefits of getting a massage in Matthews, NC.

For example, did you know that:

  • Getting a massage counteracts all the sitting that you do throughout the day? In this increasingly sedentary world, our postures can be compromised, which can make our backs feel like they’re breaking. Getting a massage will counteract all of the negative effects of this increasingly sedentary lifestyle.
  • To that end, did you know that getting a massage will ease all the tension and pain that come from sitting all day at your desk? Massages, simply put, relax you.
  • Getting a massage eases depression? Getting a massage releases serotonin into your blood stream. Serotonin, simply put, is the “feel good” hormone.
  • Getting a massage improves your sleep? This is even true for your babies! Yes, babies who receive a massage have been scientifically proven to sleep through the night, and have a more restful sleep, than their non-massaged counterparts.
  • Getting a massage boosts immunity? It’s been scientifically proven that getting a massage increases your white blood cell count, which is what your body needs to effectively fight disease.

At Serene Dental Spa, we provide a new definition of what dental treatment is – and what it should truly be. Our dental and spa office is designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind, offering custom-designed treatments to renew the health and appearance of your smile. For more information about us and our unique services, contact us today.

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