Spa treatments are excellent ways to self pamper and take care of yourself, and there’s a great way to keep the positive effects of the Serene Dental Spa with you at home every day, all year round. And that’s through the colors in your home.

Called color therapy or chromatherapy, your choice of colors has a direct effect on your mood, stress level and energy; they can even enhance healing. Did you ever notice that you feel more relaxed in one room but feel more tension in another for no apparent reason? That’s because colors can have various effects, from healing to calming to energizing; it’s been proven that color has a neurological impact, something that’s been known since ancient times and is used by interior designers. 

Color therapy charts show how different colors affect our brains, and we can use these to our advantage when painting and decorating our rooms. For example, green is considered calming, soothing and is said to help reduce inflammation, among many other things. Red is stimulating but can also increase anger; on the other hand it can improve blood flow while strengthening certain organs. 

Color therapy is used in many businesses and medical practices without our even realizing it for just this reason. You may notice that holistic practices and spas lean toward muted neutrals with soft lighting to induce calmness; blues and greens are used in medical office waiting rooms and exam rooms to create a calm and relaxed feeling. 

Of course, you should always use colors that you like and that make you feel happy, so if red or orange bring out positive feelings in you, you can use them in accent pieces and pillows so their good qualities are introduced but they won’t become overwhelming or overflow into their anxiety-producing effect. Every color has positive properties and, if used in the right way, can work to your best advantage.

Interested in more ways to bring serenity, harmony, and good health into your life? Contact us about our spa services so we can help you select the ones that are right for you.

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