Self pampering should never be viewed as selfish. Self pampering or self-care, is necessary to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit. A well cared for mind, body, and spirit optimizes our ability to think, perform tasks, and generates a powerful positive energy that is often contagious.  

Without having to set aside a huge block of time or save money for a well-deserved vacation, here are five easy ways to self pamper:  

  1. Scents and sensibility. Self pampering is all about the senses; aromatherapy is an effective way to boost your mood and energy. Using scented oils, candles or incense, choose a calming scent such as lemon, lavender or jasmine; and inhale your way to serenity.  
  2. Moisturize to be wise. Just as negative emotions can surface on our skin in the form of dermatitis, so too can our negative skin conditions show up in our emotions by making us impatient and irritable. Not to mention itchy, dry skin can be painful and cause premature aging. Treat yourself to instant luxury by applying a high-quality lotion or cream. Scented is even better. 
  3. Soft. Say it softly. S-o-f-t. It feels good just saying it. Wearing (or sleeping on) fabrics such as cashmere or cotton with long-staple fibers has a soothing effect. Indulge in the relaxing feelings of comfort and security. 
  4. A hot bath. A hot bath with scented candles and moisturizing beads? Trifecta! Don’t forget to spoil yourself even more; put on that ultra-soft robe afterward. 
  5. Massage. While a massage isn’t something you can effectively perform on yourself, it is something you can schedule right away. Neither time-consuming nor expensive, a professional massage has a multitude of benefits including (but not limited to) improved circulation, soothing anxiety, and promoting more restful sleep. So relax, and make the appointment.   

Feeling bet yet? Remember, self pampering is simply caring for yourself. By caring for yourself, you will think clearly, work efficiently, and have an encouraging influence on those around you. So go ahead, treat yourself to vitality!


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