Sometimes a coupling of the most unlikely aspects of life results in pure magic, and that’s exactly what has happened at Serene Dental Spa in Weddington–North Carolina’s most original facility for personalized pampering, and one of the very best ways to relax in South Charlotte’s unique tourist vicinity!

Yes, you’ll likely do a double-take at first glance—a dental spa?—but after some contemplation you’ll soon start to realize, hmmmm, this sounds like a pretty good idea! After all, there is no greater investment toward both beauty and health than proper dental care, and the dentists at Serene Dental Spa have devoted their practice to taking professional dental care a step beyond the traditional clinical experience.

Without sacrificing any of the rigorous standards you’d expect from an ordinary clinic, Dr. Andrew Tran and Dr. Zuleika Javed-Tran offer their valued patients the benefit of unsurpassed quality in oral medicine and hygiene in combination with a heavenly array of choices in relaxation therapy involving massage, manicure, aromatherapy and much more! Serene Dental Spa specializes in achieving the impossible—they can actually help their patients look forward to going to the dentist!

Located just a short drive southeast of Charlotte’s trendy shopping, dining, and entertainment districts, a visit to Serene Dental Spa is the perfect way to turn a necessary trip to the dentist into a fun-filled, relaxing, vacation-quality outing. Contact us today to find out how the professionals at Serene Dental Spa can help improve your appearance, health, and overall quality of life! You will never look at going to the dentist the same way again!

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