So I just got my wisdom tooth extracted about a week ago and I wanted to share my experience with everyone. It had been causing me a lot of pain for some time now and I was ready to yank it out myself. But Dr. Javed and Dr. Tran convinced me to let them do it, you know, since they’re doctors. So I took their advice and sat in the chair as they began the numbing process. It was the best experience I’ve ever had! I had to have four teeth extracted for braces as a teenager and let me tell you, those I felt. Even the tooth being pulled and yanked out of its socket. I understand pressure is normal, but this was legitimate pain. So I was a little anxious to have this done at first. To my surprise, I didn’t feel a thing! Not even the needle for the anesthetic. I waited a few minutes so I could be completely numb and they went for it.












As you can see, I was in the comfy chair, had music in the background; they did everything imaginable to make sure that I was comfortable. I can’t stress how great this was. I had it done on a Friday and had the weekend to rest. They were very caring and didn’t mind answering any questions I had over the weekend. It was very comforting knowing that they would answer the phone and not make me feel like a nuisance. The fun part was having a big cheek. I honestly enjoyed looking like a chipmunk temporarily. I was a little jealous of everyone eating at the BBQ but it was fine because I had applesauce, pudding, and ice cream galore.


Nemi before and after










Here I am before and after the procedure.

And now the pain is gone and all is right in the world 🙂


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