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Looking to Get Pampered? Our Top Spa Treatments Explained

As more people turn to treating themselves with luxurious and invigorating spa treatments, more still are finding themselves hesitating before stepping into a spa. What exactly is hot stone therapy? How is paraffin wax used? And what on earth does “nuskin” mean?

Here are some of our favorite spa treatments explained — hopefully enough to get you just aching to come in for a good treatment!

Relax on one of our massage tables and let our trained masseurs introduce you to the wonderful world of massage therapy. Our signature massage is a variant on the Swedish massage, providing pressure in whatever preference you desire and giving you an across-the-board relaxation.

For more specific problem areas, our muscle ease service provides deep-tissue massage that targets specific parts of your body that need more direct attention. Athletes may also find that our sports massage provides the same attention as the muscle ease service, but with a focus on relieving muscle soreness and tension caused by stress due to exercise. 

Hot stone therapy is a treat that we feel everyone should enjoy. Palm-sized stones are heated to about the same temperature as a warm bath before being placed strategically over your back — the heat and pressure does wonders for relaxing aching muscles and tense guests.

Our head and neck massage is another popular option that we find many who work at desks especially enjoy. This is a shorter massage session, lasting only 30 minutes, which allows for concentrated massage to your head and neck areas. 

We also encourage guests to speak with our massage therapists about their individual needs. Our customized massage allows for anyone to receive a quick 30-minute massage session focused on one area of concern, using the stress-relieving influence of hot towel compression.

In our nail salon, we offer three unique nail services to go alongside our classic manicure and pedicure that you’re likely already familiar with. Our nuskin service is an intensely hydrating scrub and massage for your hands or feet, culminating in a relaxing paraffin wax dip and hot towel rejuvenation.

Our pure organic services offer an indulgent aromatherapy soak, raw sugar scrub, hot stone massage, and paraffin dip. Finally, we are happy to also offer our spa guests gel color in lieu of traditional nail polish, for a long-lasting color that’s a much gentler alternative to acrylic. 

Got questions? We’ve got answers. We’d love for you to contact us about setting up an appointment, or to learn more about any of the spa services we offer. 

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