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History of Weddington, NC

History of Weddington, NC

Many areas in North Carolina have histories that are unique to them. The same can be said of the town of Weddington. Weddington is one of the fastest-growing suburban towns in Union County, North Carolina. The town is famous for being one of the most beautiful parts of North Carolina, with easy access to nearby cities and towns.

However, this beautiful region of North Carolina wasn’t always as great, elegant, and energetic as it is now. Join our dentists in Weddington near Waxhaw, NC, as they take you on a journey to discover the history of Weddington, NC. 

Weddington’s History

Weddington’s Early Settlers

The town of Weddington is located in the northwestern corner of Union County, with a small portion of the town extending to Mecklenburg County. It is part of the Sandy Ridge Township, whose lineage can be historically traced to the old militia districts before 1869.

During the early colonial times, the town that later became Weddington was known for its fertile farmland and was inhabited by the Waxhaw Indians. Then, immigrants from Germany, England, Wales, and Scotland started arriving. Prominent among them was a veteran of the War of Independence, Reuben Boswell.

Reuben Boswell was regarded as the number one citizen of the town of Weddington. He was a native of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and served in the Revolutionary War before moving to Mecklenburg. Reuben Boswell was the pioneer developer of Weddington.Development of the Town of Weddington

Evolution and Development

Reuben Boswell donated four acres of land, leading the community to build the Sandy Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church. The local farmers, who were 22 in total, donated $262 to construct the church. The construction and establishment of this house of worship eventually led to the development of the town we come to know as Weddington.

Reuben Boswell’s daughter then married a man named Weddington, and she gave birth to a son in 1826. They called him Reuben B. Weddington. Reuben B. Weddington grew, lived, and prospered in the area for 60 years. By 1890, he had become a well-known citizen in the town and assisted with constructing a new church building on the same land his grandfather had previously donated. 

Reuben B. Weddington’s philanthropic action to the church and the school operated by the church steered the members to rename the Sandy Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church to Weddington United Methodist Church. The small town continued to grow and develop around the church to the extent that Weddington was officially drafted as a town on the map. 

The town of Weddington kept enhancing through the century with the creation of schools and other business establishments. The Weddington Academy, which was later renamed the Weddington Industrial Institute in 1918, was established. It operated till 1975 before it was finally closed down due to low enrollment. In 1996, Weddington Elementary was built, and it’s still in operation now.

Modern Day Weddington

As the town grew swiftly, the residents began to feel proud of their rural atmosphere and homey feeling. They wanted to ensure everything that made Weddington unique and distinct from other towns was preserved. This led them to raise a petition to the NC General Assembly to incorporate the town officially.

Bill 597, AN ACT TO INCORPORATE THE TOWN OF WEDDINGTON IN UNION COUNTY, was introduced by the NC House of Representative, Joe Hudson. Mark Teal was appointed the first mayor, along with four council members. The act establishing Weddington became effective upon ratification on May 2, 1983.

Living in Weddington, NC

Weddington, NC, offers plenty of space for residents and visitors in the town to have a lovely stay. There are excellent schools, attractions, affordable homes, and a fast-growing business and economic growth arena. Few insights that make a living in Weddington something to look forward to, include:

Weddington as the Second Wealthiest Town in North Carolina

Weddington has been experiencing continuous growth in the past few years. According to Datausa, the average household income in Weddington is $136,891, and the poverty rate is less than 2%. The town is one of the most affluent cities in North Carolina. It also boasts of the best schools in the states, with a higher percentage of college graduates. The Annual Scottish Festival, North Carolina

The Annual Scottish Festival

The Annual Scottish Festival, popularly known as the Highland Games, is one of the famous festivals performed throughout North Carolina. The festival is done annually to honor the largest settlement of Highland Scots outside Scotland who first settled in Weddington.

The festival has succeeded in remembering and reliving the Scottish history and culture in North Carolina and beyond. The festival features Highland dancing, bagpipe bands, Celtic rock and traditional performers, Scottish country dancing, Scottish clan societies, historical reenactments, and much more.

Best Things to Do in Weddington, NC

In light of the ever-steady growth and development pace of the town of Weddington, there are various fun activities for you to explore. The best things to do in Weddington include visiting attractions, shopping centers, diners, dental practices, and other social places to visit. Check out our article on the things to do in Weddington, NC, for more ideas.

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