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Mexican Restaurants

When you are used to a home cooked Mexican meal, eating out at a Mexican restaurant can be a little disappointing. You expect it to have the familiar flavor of when you eat at home or when you go and visit Mexico. Mexican recipes are spicy, colorful, and full of flavor. You’re obviously not going to find the same food here but there is a few restaurants around the area that I think are as close as it gets.  One of my absolute favorites is El Vallarta.

El Vallarta is located in Waxhaw, NC and it has the best food in my opinion. It has a very inviting atmosphere and very friendly service. One of my many favorite dishes there is Camarones a la diabla, which is shrimp cooked in spicy chipotle sauce. If you like spicy food and shrimp this is the ideal plate for you. Another plate I highly recommend is Pollo con Crema, which is a plate of grilled chicken topped with a creamy cheese sauce. The list could go on forever, but if you are looking for a mouthwatering Mexican cuisine this is the place to go.

For all of my taco lovers there is an amazing Taqueria (A Mexican restaurant specializing especially in tacos and burritos), located in Monroe, NC. The taqueria is called Taqueria El Paraiso. They serve all kinds of delicious entrees but if you want authentic Mexican tacos here is your place! I absolutely love it there ! The tacos come on a delicious corn tortilla made from scratch. They have a variety of meats to choose from as well. Definitely my go to place for tacos that taste just like home.

If this place wasn’t so far for me I would probably go more often, but it’s probably a good thing it is .Tacos El Nevado has multiple locations all in Charlotte, NC.  This place has some of the most authentic Mexican food. The food is just so rich and flavor and just amazing. My favorite dish there are the sopes with al pastor. A sope is a traditional Mexican dish originating in the central and southern parts of Mexico, where it was sometimes first known as pellizcadas. The base is made from a circle of fried masa (ground maize soaked in lime, also used as the basis for tamales and tortillas) with pinched sides. This is then topped with refried black beans and crumbled cheese, lettuce, onions, red or green sauce), and sour cream. Al pastor is just pork meat cooked with pineapple. I highly recommend this restaurant.

I hope you all enjoy these places as much as I do!

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