Your holiday shopping is done, except for one very special gift. You’ve spent massive amounts of time, both online and at physical shopping venues, but nothing seems to be the right fit for your significant other. You’ve considered practicality, luxury and romance as the theme of this special present for your most-loved one, but just haven’t found the gift that says how much you really care.

Apparel, edibles or household conveniences just won’t do. You need something truly thoughtful, as well as a bit unusual. Only a gift of extraordinary proportions will suffice, and your wallet is getting thin!

Couples Massage Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Everyone loves the gift of individual attention. Why not lavish your lover with a luxurious and personal remembrance that you can share. It is the gift of an all-over body experience; no wrapping required! 

Presenting your spouse or consort with a couples massage has many benefits, for the holidays and beyond, and they extend to the giver as well as the recipient. Alleviate the chill and stress of the holiday season as you  both melt into a serene spa pampering, that elevates your sense of well-being and recharges your physical and mental states. What’s more, a couples massage is easy on your pocketbook, and need not be redeemed immediately! 

Contact us to discuss the many choices for giving or receiving an ideal spa visit. Serene Dental Spa is owned and operated by a married couple who know what sharing and caring is all about. Relax in our comfortable, modern environment while you explore our many personalized spa and dental service options.

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