Today I had two teeth filled by Dr. Javed at Serene Dental Spa. Normally I still feel the needle, even after they use topical on my gums. But at Serene, they use this extra strong topical so that you don’t feel anything and guess what?! I didn’t feel it! While my teeth were being filled, I would overhear Dr. Javed say “Thank you” and “Please” to her assistant, Nohemi. I couldn’t believe it! I have never heard a doctor, of any sort, say those kind words to their assistant. Dr. Javed even checked in on me a few times to see if I needed a break, which I totally appreciated. After the fillings were complete, Dr. Javed told me I might have sensitivity because one of the fillings was pretty deep, but luckily I have had no issues. I recommend Serene Dental Spa to anyone who wants to be treated like an actual human being, not just another tentative money maker. Thank you Serene Dental Spa!cavity

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