The early days of modern orthodontia produced more than a few nightmarish gadgets developed to wrangle in those rowdy emerging adult teeth. Take comfort in knowing that our generation did not suffer through headgear and face-masks for nothing. Thanks to several decades’ worth of experience, experts developed better, more efficient ways for our children to wear the feared appliances. As parents to a new generation, we are no longer as concerned with vanity and effectiveness when it is time to get braces for our children. However, sometimes we still need guidance on other important issues.

Providers will have a better chance of evaluating the future of your child’s smile when the primary, or “baby” teeth, begin to fall out. Evaluation for orthodontic treatment can begin around seven years old. By that time, the baby teeth have usually all come in and the adult teeth begin to break through.

Once you identify that your child needs orthodontia care, it is important to choose the best provider. This relationship between provider and your child will last around 24 months, so do your homework. The best providers are great with kids, have professional accreditation, are on top of the latest research, and receive great referrals.

Making your child comfortable is vital to ensuring that they will follow through with treatment requirements and routines. The provider’s office environment should help create a sense of trust in you and your child. Staff that is friendly and helpful will keep a child calm and relaxed.

Getting braces for the kids doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you have the right expertise at your disposal. At Serene Dental Spa, our friendly staff provides an inviting, tranquil ambience specifically designed to put you and your children at ease. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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