Today we had a photoshoot for the office and staff. It was so much fun! The photographer was great and took some amazing pictures. Here are a few pictures of what happens behind the scenes during a Serene Dental Spa Photoshoot.

Serene 20150423_0126










Nohemi warming up before the photoshoot.

Serene 20150423_0314










Samantha in the middle of flipping her hair.

Serene 20150423_0285







The girls being silly.

Serene 20150423_0070







Oh look, a horsey!

Serene 20150423_0169










Dr. Tran photobombing Samantha’s picture.

Serene 20150423_0405







Taking selfies as we wait for our turn.

Serene 20150423_0457






Nohemi and Samantha yawning after a long day of taking pictures.



As you can tell, at Serene Dental Spa we love to laugh and have a good time.

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