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Look Younger and Rejuvenate Your Skin With a Facial in Weddington Near Waxhaw, NC

At Serene Dental Spa, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with quality dental services and spa services so patients can look and feel their best. One of our most popular spa services is our soothing facials provided by our licensed estheticians.

When you get a facial in Weddingston near Waxhaw, NC, you can expect a luxurious, relaxing experience and relatively quick results. If you’ve never had a facial before, we’ve summarized everything you need to know below:

A facial is a skin treatment that involves several skin procedures to brighten and cleanse the skin on the face. During the procedure, an experienced esthetician will use quality ingredients like face scrubs and lotions. 

Facials have several stages, namely:

  1. The exfoliation stage
  2. The steaming stage
  3. The extraction stage

Because facials require a delicate touch, it’s in your best interest to only schedule a facial with a licensed esthetician who has years of experience providing different kinds of skin treatments. Our esthetician will take special care of you and thoroughly scrub your face to remove dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. 

He will also steam your face to open up your pores and use special tools to extract skin impurities like acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Before you step into your appointment, our team will instruct you on how to prep your skin before your facial. Usually, you will just need to cleanse your face with a good quality soap before you come in for your facial. 

Properly washing your face beforehand helps our gentle cleansing agents penetrate deeper into your skin. The deeper the cleaning agents can reach into your skin, the better they will take care of skin impurities and give you a fresher, brighter face.

This is a common myth, although there is some truth to it when it comes to unlicensed practices. A facial should be a relaxing experience, and it should be enjoyed like any other kind of spa treatment. When a facial is administered by an experienced esthetician, it’s a truly luxurious experience. 

Our esthetician and his team are experienced in providing patients with gentle care for all stages of the facial process. They are also especially careful during the extraction stage. Regardless of the package you get when you purchase your facial, you can expect an enjoyable experience from the beginning to the vert end.

After your face has been thoroughly treated and cleansed with our rejuvenating ingredients, it will need to rest briefly. At the end of your facial, your esthetician will give you a cold towel that you can use to place onto your face. This helps soothe the skin after the extraction stage. It also helps address any redness and helps the healing stage wrap up faster after a blemish extraction.

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You deserve to feel like a million bucks, especially after a long work week. Whether you need to refresh your smile with one of our cosmetic dental treatments, or you need a rejuvenating spa treatment to refresh your skin, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re ready to experience a facial in Weddington near Waxhaw, NC, contact us to book an appointment with Serene Dental Spa today!

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